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SEO Trends for 2020 You Should Know

December 7, 2019 0 Comments

As online completion is on its peak, there is a need for the business to widen their content marketing strategy and invest in SEO reseller business. Google algorithms continuously change, and the website persistently needs to adapt to the requirements set in. This is when SEO marketing strategy comes to the limelight. 

So, you need to welcome this year with new SEO trends and be updated with the new SEO tactics. An SEO reseller company will help you achieve your goals of online marketing with these new SEO trends for the coming year.

Some important SEO trends that you cannot afford to miss in 2020 are:

    A secure website is a must

User safety is important to hold visitors or else they will quickly leave your website. A high bounce rate can affect the ranking of your page in the search listing. To make sure the user has an authentic experience visiting your site, you need to enable HTTP protocol. According to Google, “ HTTP secures the communication between your website and the user’s browsers in a more reliable way.”

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  Mobile UX

Do you offer your user a mobile-friendly version? If not, then you need to do it right now. Mobile web pages are the need for an hour because most people use their mobile to search for products or services. Of chance, you don’t have that interface, it means you lack behind. Not only the website, but the interface also should be easy, catchy, and responsive.

Videos are the new trend

Millennial or young professionals prefer getting information through online videos instead of the content. A quality video can attract traffic to your website and increase the visiting time of the user. Use the relevant keywords and make a catchy headline for the video, this will help the visitor know the content of the video. 

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    CTR and Dwell time are important

Click through rates and dwell time matters the most in the success of the online business. The length of time that someone spends on your webpage can tell, how much interested they are in your product or service. Click-through rate is the number of clicks on a webpage in response to who saw the SERP while dwell time is the time they spent exploring the link.

   Content length

Along with the quality content, what else matters is the length of the content in your website ranking. WebPages that have long content that too in high-quality usually get more links. Quality content with articles of 2k words has more CTR than articles with limited words. This is why you need an SEO reseller company that can guide the precise use of the content on your website. 

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