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What is a website audit?

April 28, 2020 0 Comments

As the name suggests, a website audit is a piece of information from scratch related to your website. A website audit lets you understand why the site is not getting the links and why there is a slow conversion rate despite the SEO services.

A comprehensive analysis of the website will uncover the areas related to the technical issues or your content and the foremost being the authenticity of the website. A website audit is another way to build user trust as you offer the best user experience and the best search engine experience. A website audit is another way to build user trust as you offer the best user experience and the best search engine experience.

Can you trust on automated or free tools?

There are many “automated” SEO audit analysis tools using which you can create your own website audit, but these do not provide a full scope audit you need to improvise your business. These types of website tools will give you a generic view of the predetermined structures like how many H1 tags you have or if the Meta title or description is apt and what is needed for a get going website. But such analysis may not provide you the viable information you need to score well.

Often when you use such free tools, you will need to enter your URL and in a couple of minutes, you will get all reports related to the website audit on your email id. The report will focus on the issues you are facing and ultimately trapping you to contact them for further assistance.

Such audit tools are in no way helpful to the websites and besides not the true representation of the website authenticity

SEO service expert

Reasons to choose professionals for a website audit

SEO services in New York and around the Globe have got vast in recent times because of the increasing competition in the market. There comes the need to have proficient who poses enough knowledge about SEO and know how to guide you in the areas of the website where you lack. Maintaining the position of the website or the ranking is quite a difficult task, as the Google search engine parameters change continuously.

Even though you may have expertise related to the content there are certain aspects of SEO that only proficient’s can handle such as

  • Duplicity in the content
  • Canonical issues of the website
  • Robots txt files and tags
  • Redirection of the links
  • Internal linking structure of the web pages

This is the point, where the need for an SEO service expert comes in demand. They make the website not survive but breathe given the hardcore competition. They can help you deal with such issues at the least SEO services cost. So, why not pay them and get everything going than investing your mind, time, and efforts to ifs and buts.

The conclusion is that the website audit analysis is an ROI if done by the right people.

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